Kristine's Kreations
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Terms of Use

- All sales are FINAL. Although, if I have made a mistake, I will gladly correct it.

- Tags and Stats are for personal use only.

- A link to is required when diplaying sigtags anywhere.

- Tags and Stats are sold AS-IS. You MAY NOT alter the tags in anyway including disassembling, re-coloring, re-sizing or other editting.

- You MAY NOT redistibute tags. You may buy gift certificates or order for a friend but you may not re-sell or share them.

- You MAY NOT claim my work as your own.

- You MAY NOT create outlines, tubes ect from my tags.

- Please remember that this is a family friend site and I would hope that if they are displayed that they are displayed in a family friendly way. I.E. Not displayed in places that promote hate, violence and the like.



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