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"Kristina is one of the best taggers I know. You will fall in love of her work since she does an awesome job putting her love and heart in every creation, taking care about all details and I'm so honored to call her a sister. You will never be disappointed and I recommend her site to anyone who is looking for great tags **"
Submitted 9-9-10

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Chloe Spencer - Grow In Grace IM
I have been blessed to have received personalized Incredimail letters and signature tags from Kristine's Kreations through her fabulous theme weeks several times. All of her work is top quality and never fails to please me with its appearance and detail. Each item is obviously put together with care and consideration and never appears to be a rush-job. As a physically disabled user, Kristina has always been very personable and willing to assist me in special ways at no extra cost which has impressed me tremendously. The prices for her work are reasonable and her discount offers and other incentives posted at her Facebook group are fun to participate in. It has been my experience that Kristine's Kreations are well made, quickly delivered, and wonderful to keep and use repeatedly. I highly recommend her website, FB group, Yahoogroup and her!
Submitted 5-8-11

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I had the privilege of winning one of Kristina's theme weeks and it was amazing. I am a sucker for pixel tags and she does a great job. She was prompt in sending them out and all in all the quality is great. I would recommend her work for anyone as she does class A work and she is a great person too.
Submitted 6-12-11

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